Disadvantages of Using Old Tires in your Bike

A tyre is responsible for some essential function in the bike such as braking, fuel efficiency, comfort etc. Even after such a necessary part of the vehicle, many of the bike owners ignore their timely maintenance. Bike owners keep using the old tires until they go bald which in fact is a very harmful habit and there are many risks associated with this practice. The disadvantages of using the old tires area as follows;


Tire burst

The significant risk of riding the vehicle with old tires is that there is a high-risk of tyre burst. It is very evident that old tyre is more prone to bursting as compared to the new ones. The reason for such bursting is the decreased efficiency of old tires to hold the air inside. According to two wheeler tube manufacturers, if the vehicle is running at a fast speed with an old tire, then the chance of bursting increases significantly.



It is evident that the thickness of tread of an old tyre will get diminish over regular rolling. This damage makes the old tires will reduce tread thickness prone to piercing by nails, glass, pebbles, and other sharp objects. The chances of a tyre being puncher are more in the old tyre as compared to the new ones that are equipped with a thick layer of tread.


Low friction

Old two wheeler tyres with less than standard tread will provide less friction and resistance on the ground as compared to a new one. This shortcoming makes the vehicle lose the grip on the ground with old tire. This loss of grip leads the vehicles to skid on the road especially during the monsoon season or at slippery surfaces.


Low braking efficiency:

The tyre is responsible for bearing the weight of the vehicle as well as of the rider. The grip of the tyre known as the tread is accountable to provide appropriate friction to the vehicle in case of braking or cornering. In case of the tread not being of ideal thickness, it can result in poor performance of the braking system.

Tips to Enjoy Driving Enveloped in Safety

Driving is something that almost all types of people enjoy. It gives you the chance to see and explore what is really going on in the city, or to have fun of sightseeing in the remotest countryside. Regardless of how much fun you can have out of those rides, you don’t have to forget about staying safe.


Here are some crucial safety tips which can help you avoid unexpected accidents or mishaps while you are on the road with your vehicles-

  • Check overall condition of tyres, including inner and outer sidewalls.

  • Check tyre tread depth.

  • Check all tyre pressures.

  • Check signs of irregular wear.

  • Check and examine the spare tyre.

Tyre Pressure is of immense importance

To ensure maximum safety, you must double check the pressure inside the tyre at least once a fortnight. In case you are quite unsure and clueless as to what the correct pressure is, then just have a look at the product manual which is provided by almost all the tyre manufacturers company in India.


You must also be particular about the following-

  • Always remember that the pressure in the tyre must only be checked when your tyres are cold – an ideal guideline is to leave them for at least an hour after driving so that they can get properly cool down.

  • If you continue driving under or overly inflated tyres, then the handling of your tyre will seriously be affected – in most cases there are full chances for the vehicle to be unstable.

  • The in appropriate tyre pressure increases tyre wear and tear, shortening its lifespan as well as increasing the chances of the tyre failing in the midway.

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Best Bike Tyre Providing Excellent Performance On Any Road Surface

The motorcycles run smoothly only because of the presence of the wonderful pair of tires in them. Only the best bike tyre company in India manufactures the best tires in the country. The hot summer season and the wet rainy season or monsoon season can cause havoc to the motorcycle riders.

That’s when you need the help of the perfect pair of tires. Suppose that you are traveling in a busy street on a wet day. Suddenly a person comes in front of your motorcycle. That will be a sure shot recipe for accidents. Your bike should have the best tire at that time to stop the vehicle and avoid the collision.

The two wheelers vehicles are the most sold vehicles in our country. The main reasons are its affordable prices and small form factor. The vehicles are mostly used for daily commute purpose. That’s why it requires the help of good tires. High-quality tires can easily survive the daily commute regime.

The tyres are manufactured through a complex process. The natural rubber is used in a heavy amount in the manufacturing process in our country. It’s because they are pretty good at absorbing the heat generated during the traveling. The busy streets of our country require the bike riders to apply brakes regularly. It can hamper the lifespan of the tyres. Only the high-quality tyres can manage to provide the best riding performance to the bike riders of our country.

 Just like the two wheeler, the three wheeler tyre suppliers put a lot of emphasis on the build quality of their products. They know the fact that the Indian bikers demand nothing sort of exceptional performance during their everyday ride. The replacement industry is a big industry that deals with the manufacturing of these products. The tires need replacement once it gets damaged beyond recovery.

How to Select Quality Tyres for your Bike?

Tyres play a vital role in making a particular perception about your bike. Therefore, it is quite essential to choose the quality and appropriate kind of tyres. Though, this task can be tremendously baffling for you.

Almost all the chief tyre manufacturers in Ludhiana manufacture a broad range of tyres for motorcycles. With some fundamental knowledge about these products, you will be in a situation to recognize each product and can make sure which part will be suitable for your bike.

A few factors that needed to be considered prior to you take up any decision are as follow-

  • You must primarily know the kind of ride you want to have. You should make a decision whether you see yourself as a sports lover, a racer, adventurer or a cruiser. 
  • Whether you wish for a bike ride for little and crisp drives or would like to travel long distances.
  • Or else, you need to be a true adventurer or racer. However, the necessities of racers or adventurers are poles apart from those who use their motorcycles only for some lighter and usual rides.
  • Nevertheless, it is vital to classify the nature of your bike ride if you actually want to exhibit your bike riding style.

Best bike tyre company in india manufacture Tyres with the most recent technology in order to convey durability, better mileage, and resistance. They design tyres that offer outstanding control with smooth rolling and simple handling. Therefore, they have a massive requirement in national and international markets.

Signs It’s Time to Change Your Bike Tyres

A tyre is the most important part of a motorcycle or any automobile for that matter. A well-maintained tyre invariably means great performance, smoother ride and longevity of your vehicle. In addition to performance, they also ensure that the rider is not at risk. But like all other parts of your vehicle, they are also exposed to wear and tear.
In the following paragraphs we are going to discuss a few signs that can help you determine whether the time has come to replace your bike tyres.

1. Wear

It is the most general sign that shows that your tyres need replacement and should no longer be in use. To make you aware about this, two wheeler tyre manufacturers put a Tyre Wear Indicator mark on the sidewall of tyres. This sign comes with a triangular arrow which indicates the intensity of wear after which tyre should not be used any longer. If the curved surface of the tyre wears till TI mark, then you need to change your motorcycle tyres as soon as possible.

2. Uneven tread wear

Several times, a tyre may not get worn out wholly but it doesn’t mean that you don’t need to pay any attention to it. The shape of a tyre plays a crucial role in determining whether it would be appropriate for future use or not. One of the most common types of tyre wear is the squarish wear in which a tyre gets damaged from the centre portion of the tread.

3. Scalping or cupping of the front tyre

Another most common uneven wear is the scalping or cupping of the front tyre. In this situation, the tyre gets worn out alongside the length of the tread. It may be quite dangerous as it may cause stability and handling issues. So, next time when you see your bike tyre getting scalped along the sides, open your laptop and compare and buy bike tyres online at reasonable prices.

4. Too many punctures or cuts

If your tyre has too many cuts or punctures, then it requires to be changed immediately. Riding your bike on a tyre with too many cuts or punctures can hamper your ride and the performance of your vehicle.

Understanding The Importance Of Quality Two-Wheeler Tyre

Our beautiful country is often termed developing. Well, it has developed significantly in the last 10-20 years. The growth can be seen in various industries impacting lives of million people. The automobile sector is one such sector that has gone through multiple evolutions in that period. The huge numbers of bikes on the Indian roads are a proof of their impact on our lifestyle. Their excellent growth is possible only because of the product made by the two wheeler tyre tube manufacturers in India.

Tyres, the component that sits between the vehicle and the below surface is responsible for a safe and comfortable riding experience. They absorb all the pressure, heat and dirt of the surface to provide a ride worth enjoying. They are available in lots of varieties according to the vehicle categories found in the market.

Generally, the majority of the people don’t have any idea about what makes a company the best tyre manufacturer in world? The answer is not that simple. The manufacturing techniques, the composition, the painstaking testing sessions and other several things determine the quality of the tires. No single factor can determine which product is best.

The bikes have normally fitted with either the tubeless or tube tires. The difference simply lies in how the air is contained inside them. The tubeless make it extremely clear with its name as it has no tube in them while its counterpart does have one. The two varieties do have certain advantages over each other. It entirely depends on your riding requirement.

The various companies also build racing and sports bikes for the people, mostly for the younger generation. Those bikes have different quality of wheels and tires to support plenty of amazing maneuvering skills to the riders. These bikes require an extremely solid pair of tires that can absorb all the pressure applied during the heavy riding usage.

The two wheeler tyre tube manufacturers in India have recognized the importance of variety in their lineup. They know that people prefer using different types of bikes. As a result, they are also creating many different types of products to be used for various types of bikes.

To Ensure Safe Ride Buy Vehicles With Tires From Reputed Automotive Tube Manufacturers

The automobile industry in India is flourishing like never before. Many of the biggest players in this sector already have their manufacturing facilities in the various parts of our country. Their sales numbers keep going towards north every year. The automobile industry is well backed up the tyre industry in India. The several automotive tube manufacturers in India have regularly produced amazing products to perfectly work with the various types of vehicles manufactured and sold in our country.

The Indian tire industry is different from their counterparts in other countries. In India, the composition of the tires constitutes a heavy amount of natural rubber while in other countries it remains low in the overall composition. The tropical climate of our country is the main reason for the difference. The fact that we have an abundant source of natural rubber in the various parts of our country does help the situation too.

The hot and humid weather found in the most part of the year makes the life of tires pretty discomforting. They tend to deteriorate faster in such harsh conditions. The condition of the roads also doesn’t make the situation any better for them. The natural rubber provides better heat dissipation that ensures the condition of the tyre remains good throughout their running time in the hot weather.

If any company that wants to be the best tyre manufacturer in world, they will have to make a solid effort in performing well in India because of the availability of the sheer scope of growth here. They have to manufacture their products by doing a lot of research to come up with amazing products that can perform exceptionally well in our country. The sales of vehicles will always remain high in the country because of the huge population and their several requirements.

The lives of so many people depend on vehicles for the various reasons. The quality of every component specifically the tires should be right up there to ensure the safety of the people using them. Hence, it is advised to search and compare various automotive tube manufacturers in India before locking into the perfect vehicle.