Signs It’s Time to Change Your Bike Tyres

A tyre is the most important part of a motorcycle or any automobile for that matter. A well-maintained tyre invariably means great performance, smoother ride and longevity of your vehicle. In addition to performance, they also ensure that the rider is not at risk. But like all other parts of your vehicle, they are also exposed to wear and tear.
In the following paragraphs we are going to discuss a few signs that can help you determine whether the time has come to replace your bike tyres.

1. Wear

It is the most general sign that shows that your tyres need replacement and should no longer be in use. To make you aware about this, two wheeler tyre manufacturers put a Tyre Wear Indicator mark on the sidewall of tyres. This sign comes with a triangular arrow which indicates the intensity of wear after which tyre should not be used any longer. If the curved surface of the tyre wears till TI mark, then you need to change your motorcycle tyres as soon as possible.

2. Uneven tread wear

Several times, a tyre may not get worn out wholly but it doesn’t mean that you don’t need to pay any attention to it. The shape of a tyre plays a crucial role in determining whether it would be appropriate for future use or not. One of the most common types of tyre wear is the squarish wear in which a tyre gets damaged from the centre portion of the tread.

3. Scalping or cupping of the front tyre

Another most common uneven wear is the scalping or cupping of the front tyre. In this situation, the tyre gets worn out alongside the length of the tread. It may be quite dangerous as it may cause stability and handling issues. So, next time when you see your bike tyre getting scalped along the sides, open your laptop and compare and buy bike tyres online at reasonable prices.

4. Too many punctures or cuts

If your tyre has too many cuts or punctures, then it requires to be changed immediately. Riding your bike on a tyre with too many cuts or punctures can hamper your ride and the performance of your vehicle.